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Ron Patrick's Y2K Bug

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The General Electric T58 is a free-shaft axial flow gas turbine. The compressor has 10 stages with variable inlet guide vanes and variable stators on the first three stages. The compression ratio is 8.4:1, it flows approximately 13.7 lb/s (11,000 cfm) @ 27,300 rpm. The combustion chamber is of the annular design. Two turbines drive the compressor and one drives the load through the rear at 20,500 rpm. Specific fuel consumption is 0.64 lb/shp/h. The engine weighs 350 lb [159 kg] and produces approximately 1,400 hp. With a 3.25:1 reduction gearbox this engine will produce 1,270 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm.

This is the same type of engine we used in Squirt 2

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